Update on MCSS Wage Enhancement

Hello Local 3794

Today we met with the employer to continue discussion around the MCSS wage increase. While discussing the lump sum distribution for 2014-15 it was brought to the employers attention that the lump sum that was paid out did not add up correctly for some members when looking at their actual hours worked. The employer explained that due to time restraints the last three months of 2014-15 fiscal year were estimated and that any disputes regarding the pay out would be honored. With that being said Cheri Dobbs has requested that all members double check to ensure that payout was accurate based on hours worked. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Lindsay Mitchell, Trisha Blakely or Chris Downer. 

*All other information regarding today’s meeting will be discussed at our next general meeting on October 14th at 1&3:30 at our Madoc Office*

Thank You 🙂